Tree Transplanting

Trees add beauty.

Large trees add beauty and value to your property far beyond their cost, and without waiting years for results. Transplanting trees with a tree spade can provide an economical way to add large trees in your landscape.  Trees add variety to our surroundings, screen unsightly views, absorb and block noise, and define space in the landscaping. 

Trees are good for the environment.

Trees lower energy costs by reducing heating and cooling needs. By conserving our natural energy resources and reducing pollution, trees allow us to leave a better ecological environment for future generations.

Trees transform the landscape.

Tree transplanting with a tree spade used to move the size of trees it was designed for, during the proper season, and with proper care, is very successful. Trees up to 9" trunk diameter can be transplanted successfully and affordably. Tree spades can also preserve valuable trees that may be damaged or destroyed during construction. You can even take sentimental trees from your old property to your new home.

We are the best for the job.


Our truck mounted tree spades are among the largest in the region. We move trees up to 9" trunk diameter with a 90" diameter root ball weighing up to 12,000 pounds. We have both a 44" and 90" tree transplanter available, and we have recently upgraded to a new 90" machine and added a branch lifter to better serve your needs.

We can... 

  • Move your own trees to a different location on your property
  • Plant new, mature trees on your property
  • Move trees out of a construction site to prevent damage
  • Move sentimental trees to your new home.


We bring you healthy trees.


Tying up the branches of spruce trees prior to digging prevents the lower branches from being broken or damaged during transplanting. Broken branches will not grow back, and damaged branches are more prone to disease.

‚ÄčAt B&R Tree Moving, we built our own equipment allowing us to effectively tie up spruce branches. Not all companies that move trees will tie up the branches prior to moving, so be sure to ask.