Tree Care



 Watering trees is the most important part of caring for your trees after planting. Transplanted trees may die from too little or too much water. We recommend putting a garden hose next to the trunk and watering until the soil is saturated and the water runs away from the tree. Water every 7-10 days.



Fertilizer helps provide trees with the necessary nutrients. We offer slow release fertilizer tablets for purchase. The tablets are an inexpensive, safe, and convenient method for fertilizing your trees through a slow release of nutrients for up to two years. 



Mulching trees helps retain moisture, prevent weeds, and protect from mower injury. Mulch trees 3-4 inches deep, extending 12 inches beyond the edge of the root ball. For evergreens, be sure to mulch 1 foot beyond the edge of the branches. Leave a few inches next to the trunk free of mulch to allow for air circulation and to discourage rodents. We recommend using wood chip mulch. Do not use grass clippings or straw. 



 Staking is normally not necessary if the correct size tree transplanter is used. With the 90" spade, staking is almost never necessary. In some cases, in open or windy areas, or if moved with the 44" spade, the trees may need to be staked for one year.